What some of my clients have to say..........

"I highly recommend Sandy for anyone looking for an exceptionally good massage. She knows so many techniques and has a way of knowing just what you need and finding the spot that needs extra attention.
She puts her clients at ease and creates a welcoming and relaxing environment in her beautiful facility" ~ Judi M

I cannot say enough about your services as a licensed massage therapist.  I came for my first appointment sometime in June of 2011, I believe and was very hesitant as I had never had any kind of massage, other than a 5 minute chair massage.  In our initial conversation you were professional, yet put me very much at ease.  At the time I was having some issues with my shoulders and neck.  After the first visit I was feeling some relief and after 2 more visits, I was not having any problems at all!  I have made it a point to visit you at least once a month and try very hard to come in at least every two weeks.  I call it "me time" and find that I look forward not only to the massage but to our conversations.  The atmosphere is relaxed and I can forget about the outside world and just let everything go for an hour.  Every time I come in you are focused totally on me and my needs and you truly listen to what I tell you.  On my last visit I was having some issues with my calves and that's where you focused.  Those issues have since disappeared and I attribute it to your massage and your advice to make sure that I drink plenty of water (which I had not been doing)
I can't speak highly enough about LICENSED MASSAGE Therapy and the service that you provide.
Thanks again - I'm so glad I found you!
Mary R

"It's the best place for a relaxing and therapeutic massage. Sandy has a very pleasing personality and is extremely knowledgable about the muscles that drive our body." ~ Barbara R.

Sandy is a great massage therapist, I have been going to her for a few years now and have to say she is the absolute best, ever. I have been to other therapist before seeing Sandy and they never targeted the areas that I needed the most work on and just went through the routine. Sandy makes each session targeted to what muscular issues you are having and you leave feeling soooo much better.    Jessie F

“Sandy is a professional massage therapist with a vast knowledge of many different therapy types suited to each individual's needs and tolerance levels. Sandy is very personable and caring about the health and well being of her clients.” Debbie P

“Sandy has been my husbands massage therapist for several months now. He thinks she is fantastic and he really enjoys being able to schedule his appointments online and really appreciates the reminder emails to help keep him on track with his busy schedule.” Kim P

“I am a big proponent regarding the benefits of massage. That also means I am picky as to who I go to. After my massage therapist retired, I went in search of a replacement. Sandy is now my therapist. She has a good sense of the body and knows how to undo the knots. She is professional and her studio lends a great atmosphere to relax. Also, don't forget to check out the local artists hanging on her walls!” Sandy S

“Sandy is a great massage therapist with a passion for helping others. She has a wonderful style. She is welcoming, as well as knowledgeable about her skill. I recommend her to my friends, family, and clients.” ~ Karen M

“I always know Sandy will provide great results with her knowledge and skill... she provides consistent great massage care. Thanks Sandy for ALWAYS taking care of me and my entire family! - Linda S.”


"I have 3 bulging and one herniated discs in my lumbar.  From time to time my lower back muscles get very tight and spasms which eventually expands into my glutes, hamstrings, hips, etc.  The pain in my back is pretty intense at times. I have been to many LMT's over the past 20 years and even go to chiropractors when the pain is real bad.  A couple of weeks ago I was in a lot of pain in my lower back so I went to see Sandy.   Between heat and massage, she had me walking straight again, a feat not easily done. 

In fact, Sandy did such an awesome job on my back, when I had shoulder pain I called Sandy.  Immediately Sandy applied pressure to two spots, one in front and one in back and asked if I had pain in each spot.  How she knew where exactly I had pain is still a mystery to me.  She said it is her job to know.  She knows her job.  I was back in the gym with no pain in my shoulder.

Whether it is chronic pain like my back or a tweaked (using technical terms now) muscles, Sandy has both times fixed my pains and had me back at it.

I would highly recommend Sandy for anybody ailment. Thank you Sandy for your wonderful hands and knowledge of the human body." ~ Brad J. 

"Hi Sandy,
I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the relief I am experiencing after undergoing your massage therapy on my shoulder and neck. I have had stress headaches for 6 years and am a patient of a Pain Management Group; you have managed to do in a couple sittings what they have been unable to do in two years. I have total confidence that you will have me completely off the meds in no time."

Anna M

I have been happily seeing Sandy for massage therapy for several months and am so thrilled to have found a thoughtful, experienced, geuine massage therapist. Sandy is a true helper healer in the best sense and is always professional. Some extra bonuses are she is fairly priced and her office is in a great location and is a gorgeous space that is comfortable and safe, and...she has great availability for appointments. ~Elizabeth F

I got a massage from Sandy Martinelli in Dunedin. It sure is nice to move my body freely again! Great massage, great therapist... I highly recommend her! ~ Laurel T.

I was experiencing a great deal of back pain UNTIL - I got a massage from Sandy Martinelli LMT here in our back yard... Seriously folks, if you are anywhere near Dunedin Florida - this woman rocks! Check it out at the link below! If she can make my back feel better - she can work miracles! Steve T.

Sandy did a wonderful job on stress release and pain relief. will reccommend her to anyone who needs therapies.So much better than the chain and "factory" massage places. - Gene E.

"I was in a car accident many years ago and suffered whiplash. Since then I have never been able to turn my head as far to the left as I can to the right, as my neck is always very stiff. After one visit with Sandy I was able to turn my head both ways without any trouble. Sandy is very professional and the massage was very relaxing. I look forward to my next visit!"-Terry E

"Thank you for the relief you have given me in my lower back and neck. In addition to relieving my symptoms, the stretching exercises you told me about have helped to greatly reduce the intensity and frequency of new episodes. -- Jason F"

"When I was a younger, spunkier chap I had an unfortunate mishap while trying to impress a girl on a trampoline.  Your imagination can probably fill in the gaps, but suffice it to say I ended up hitting my back on the edge of the trampoline and doing a face plant into the ground after a flawless back tuck.  It was hilarious for everyone else.  Also unfortunately, I ended up losing the girl and gaining some chronic back pain and a scar in about the same place.   For along time the pain was manageable, but several years later it began getting worse due to activities (none of which involved trampolines) that I had taken up.  Through these activities I met Sandy and when she offered her services I was grateful to accept.  To be perfectly honest, I expected that her efforts would help relieve some of the pain but that I would have to deal with the scar tissue from my, ugh, accident for the rest of my life.  
I was wrong. Within two weeks I was feeling better, two months I was feeling great with almost no pain whatsoever, and after six months all pain was gone and so was the scar tissue.   After that I continued to see Sandy for any other issues that came up and I have always been pleased by the results of Sandy's work on me."-Raymond P.   

"I regularly schedule massages with Sandy, because she knows exactly how to “fix” the damages that I do to my body every day by slouching, carrying heavy things like groceries and not exercising regularly.  I have never before had a massage therapist who really listens to what I have going on with my body and then targets on easing the pain and fatigue specific to my body. I tell everyone I know that they need to go visit Sandy just once, and they’ll want to keep going back." - Carin G

"I would highly recommend going to see Sandy Martinelli for a massage.  I had constand issues with what I call Heel Spurs.  I know that there is a big long medical name for this condition but I call them like I fee them.  When I went to Ms Martinelli, she started working on my calfs.  I was a little confused as I was quite certain that I had said my problem was in my heels but she assured me that though that was where I felt the pain, it was not the source.  Sure enough after 2 sessions I am happy to say that I have not had this terrible pain again.  I live to run again.  Thank you Sandy."-Eileen E

Thankyou for sharing! If you are a client and would like to share your experince with others, please email me! sandy3lmt@gmail.com

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